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Max started out with a different name and a different story. Then, things changed, and after I emerged from a nearly three year fiction drought, he came with me.

Max isn’t like other detectives. He started out as a Seattle cop, and a good one. But his daughter was killed, his wife went missing, and the Seattle police assumed she was dead.

Max knows they are wrong. So he’s balancing a mortgage on a house he does not live in and rent on an office where he spends whatever time he is not working on cases looking for clues to his wife’s disappearance.

That’s when a new case came along. Dogs are going missing all over the city, and no one knows why. Max will have to find out while at the same time facing his own personal demons.

Will he find the dogs in time? Will the case lead him one step closer to knowing what really happened to his wife?

Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop until you’ve reached the final word.


Best Sellers

Stray Ally

Sometimes, when a man rescues a dog, the dog rescues the man, and becomes his best friend. Sparky saves Todd in ways he never could have imagined. 

Typewriter Repair Shop

Some stories can’t wait to be told, and have to be told a certain way. This is one of those stories, and it is brewing like a hurricane.

Slaying in Salem

Nick is back, and this time he notices something new. Will his sharp eye help solve the case, or will it put him in the path of a killer. 

Capital City Murders

Nick is a photographer, tasked with photographing every state capitol building in just one year. His keen eye for detail gets him involved in mysteries he could not have imagined.


Troy has published over a dozen books and is published in blogs and magazines around the world. Besides being an author, he is also an accomplished freelancer.

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Best Sellers



WONDERFUL! I enjoyed every word in this book. Troy has a fantastic sense of where and when detail is needed and where to let the readers mind fill in the blanks. The story was chilling and not one I would recommend for night time. I loved the way Typewriter’s ending was left. what a wonder for the brain.

-Carson Wrublik, review of Typewriter Repair Shop

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April 23

Barbarian Brewing, 6p-10p

This will be a discussion led by Troy Lambert for Idaho Writers Guild conference participants to talk about marketing and advertising, and learn from each other.

June 12-13

DFW Con Dallas, Texas

I'll be in the Dallas area at a writers' conference there, the largest in Texas. You can come meet my daughter as well. We will be taking classes, talking to writers, and having an all around good time.

October 13-17

Bouchercon, Sacramento, California

Join Stuart Gustafson, co-author of the Capital City Murders series, and I at the world mystery convention. We'll be visiting bookstores, selling books, and talking to authors from around the world.

We'll fit right in, because this year's theme is "Murder is a Capitol Crime" and in our current series, it is!

October 24

NaNo Prep, Collister Library, Boise, Idaho

Are you getting ready for NaNo this year? Well, here will be a quck course on the things you can do to ensure your NaNoWriMo will be a success in stead of a mess this year. Join me for my favorite tips and tricks.

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