A Max Boucher Story

Dogs are disappearing all over the city, and no one knows why. The owners turn to Max Boucher, ex-cop turned P.I. who is battling demons of his own.

Will he find the dogs in time? At the same time, will he discover evidence regarding his wife’s disappearance? Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop until the very end.


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Stray Ally

Sometimes, when a man rescues a dog, the dog rescues the man, and becomes his best friend. Sparky saves Todd in ways he never could have imagined. 

Typewriter Repair Shop

Some stories can’t wait to be told, and have to be told a certain way. This is one of those stories, and it is brewing like a hurricane.

Slaying in Salem

Nick has moved on to Salem, the second of fifty cities he will visit. There has a been a murder at the old Oregon State Hospital. Will Nick help solve the murder, or will his curiosity put him in the way of a killer?

Capital City Murders

Nick is a photographer, tasked with photographing every state capitol building in just one year. His keen eye for detail gets him involved in mysteries he could not have imagined.

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Writing is a business, and it is time to start treating it like one. Pre-order sales coming in August. Stay tuned!

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