By Troy Lambert

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A Max Boucher Mystery

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Dogs are disappearing all over town and no one knows why. Max will have to find out, while battling his own demons at the same time. Will he find them in time?




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Once again Troy Lambert nails it with Harvested. Lambert writes with the authority of a pro. Sharp, nail-biting prose that will keep you savoring each and every page."

--Vincent Zandri, New York Times Thriller Award-winning​ author of The Embalmer, The Remains, and The Caretaker's Wife.


Weaving a suspenseful tail (that's right, a tail) of treachery and conspiracy, author Troy Lambert will have you turning page after page, unable to put this book down until its final, dramatic showdown...

--Allan Leverone, Bestselling author of the Trace Tanner Series, Review of Stray Ally


WOW. This book is POWERFUL. It should come with a fuse attached because this is going to blow your mind! A harrowing read which I couldn't put down.

--Amazon Review of Redemption: A Samuel Elijah Johnson Story

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